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We speak your language, and thus design solutions that you truly wished for. Intuitive designs without fancy features is something we excel in.

Application development is an art and we excel in it. Often people confuse application development only with coding, however its more about understanding what the business requires. At SSDB we speak our client’s language and thus we deliver the solution that does exactly what client is looking for, and nothing more!

As business grows, in terms of operations, size, geographies, products, customers etc. so do the data. Every business action brings in new data. This data comes from multiple sources and in different formats. As data grows, it gets difficult to manage and analyze them. SSDB helps setup data lakes that captures all the versatile data, organize it and then derives intelligence from it, all in real time.

An intuitive mobile is key to success for any business, no matter if the target audience is internal customer or an external one, the ease of using a mobile app decides its productivity. At SSDB we excel in developing mobile apps that keeps the human factor as its top element of design. We develop both – native as well as hybrid apps that are compatible with different screen sizes.

SSDB helps organization stay protected by performing periodic Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) using combination of industry standard tools like Burp Suite, Nessus, Veracode, Qualys etc. and writing manual script to test OWASP Top 10 security risks.

SSDB delivers best of both worlds - extensive technical knowledge of SharePoint, Microsoft PowerApps, Power Automate, PowerBI AND deep business domain knowledge along with compliance regulatory requirements like HIPAA. With this winning combination, SSDB delivers app that are secure, business focused and highly scalable.


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