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Developing multi-tenant, secure and scalable contract management solutions with strong Artificial Intelligence


Multi-tenant architecture

Single code base that can be customized for different clients. Contract database are stored as per client’s geographic region to ensure additional security and data is kept physically separate. Changes are easy to roll, each client gets their own personalized experience in terms of overall branding and graphs & alerts can be set as per client’s KPIs

Loaded with smart features

Single window for all your contracts. Smart alerts that notify users for important dates pertaining to contract. E-signature of contract increases efficiency by automating signature workflows. Completely secure and access driven, only related parties can have access to contract. Smart searches that lets user access information across the platform with single click without drill downs. Extended to vendors and third parties, to keep all incumbent parties in loop. Allows creating new custom contract template. Smart dashboard that gives all important alerts and overall summary of contracts, based on user login


Artificial Intelligence

AI-powered auto-extraction tool automatically extracts key data from contracts. Using advance machine learning, it automatically understands the language and contract type. Moreover it also sets auto alerts based on important dates from contract. See the data from across your business and through a digitized contract repository eliminate the risk of lost contracts due to theft or destruction of physical.Make more informed decisions using the collated and curated data from across your organization


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